With 52 Aloha Island Mart stores on Oahu, Kauai, Maui and the Big Island, you’ll find great deals every day. And meaningful ways to support the communities we live in.

AcesSurf Donations

For the month of August, we’re accepting donations to AccesSurf. Just look for the donation canister on the check-out counter at all Aloha Island Marts.

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Save-a-$ Club of Hawaii

Sign up for Aloha’s proprietary charge card and save up to 8¢ per gallon at the pump. You can also use your card in any Aloha Island Mart store.

Gift Cards

Come in to any Aloha Island Mart store to pick up an Aloha Gift Card for family and friends. They can be purchased and reloaded for amounts from $20 - $200.